Taxi Cab Advertising

Two-sided and Three-sided Taxi Tops 

Two-sided Tops deliver eye level impact of your message day and night. Two-sided Tops allow an advertiser to highlight their products, whether brand awareness, or a targeted message, directly to areas where people work, shop, and play. These tops are dynamic in that they follow lifestyle patterns and population flow.

Three-sided tops provide that extra dimension to stand out in Genesee County where extra impressions are especially important.

Taxi Trunk Displays

For those looking for tonnage, we have 14″ x 36″ display units that make it extremely affordable to buy tonnage in a market. Targeted to vehicular traffic, the cars behind the message see the ads for up to 20 minutes.

Door Wraps

Like it says, we start with a taxi door and we wrap it with vinyl.  Join in drawing attention to your brands.